Why stake with us?

Ultra Secure

Designed by cyber security specialists to be ultra secure. All the infrastructure is regularly pentested and monitored.

Ultra Reliable

Hosted on Azure across multiple regions following industry best practices to provide the highest uptime.

Professional Team

Run by a team of experienced cyber security and software development experts with decades of experience.

Low Fees

We keep our fees as low as possible meaning higher returns for you. The fees cover the cost of running ultra secure and reliable infrastructure, which doesn’t come cheap.

Security Audits

We have plans to conduct security audits on core Cardano software and protocols, looking for vulnerabilities, which can be fixed before the bad guys take advantage. By staking with us you are supporting this work.

Support the Community

We have plans to develop tutorials for the community around security best practices. By staking with us you are supporting this work.

What is staking?

Staking is the process of holding ADA in a wallet and delegating it to a stake pool for a period of time. If the pool you have delegated to produces a block, you earn additional ADA as a reward. By staking you contributing to the health and decentralisation of the Cardano network.
For further information on staking please read the official guidance.

Ready to earn rewards?

It is quick to get started and start earning rewards. Follow our simple guide and delegate to our pool.

Stake with us